Healthcare: our national embarrassment

17.9% of our GDP is healthcare spending.

The U.S. spends $10,348 per person annually in healthcare.

Yet, the U.S ranks last in healthcare performance among developed countries.

Committed to stop the U.S. healthcare embarrassment.

Nishan Wijesinghe

Healthcare Re-engineer


When companies profit from human suffering, government regulation is inevitable. Well paid healthcare lobbyists will counter. Consumers get the brunt of rising costs. The vicious cycle continues.


healthcare domain re-engineering

Domain engineers use status quo methods for minimal improvements. Domain re-engineers use pioneering methods for seismic, sustainable change.

Nishan Wijesinghe is a healthcare re-engineer

The plan

Simple. Game-changing.


  • Healthcare policy
  • Health Sharing Ministries
  • Sustainable healthcare technology


  • Private single-payer hub
  • Universal primary care
  • Universal behavioral health


  • Large provider transformation
  • Large payer transformation
  • Medical device innovation
  • EHR transformation
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